Month of the Oceans 2013 launch

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On Friday, August 30th, the Month of the Oceans 2013 "Healthy Oceans for Humanity" launch was held at the Large Meeting Room of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

The oceans provide us with an extraordinary amount of services and resources, which for some represent their sole means of survival. Therefore, for the ninth consecutive year, organizations and environmental, scientific, government, educational and private institutions come together to celebrate the Month of the Oceans, this year with the theme: "Healthy Oceans for Humanity". The theme suggests recognizing that the health of the oceans is a shared responsibility, so each one of us has a responsibility to protect them.

According to the United Nations, "oceans cover almost three quarters of the earth's surface and contain nine in ten parts of water resources and over 97% of life on Earth" (2002). Oceans are the true lungs of the planet by absorbing about 25% of all the CO2 emitted by human activities (International Ocean Acidification Reference User Group, 2012).

In Panama we have rules, policies, agreements, plans and strategies to achieve effective environmental management for the conservation of the oceans. This month more than 30 organizations and institutions will develop different activities on behalf of the oceans.

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