It's football summer at CdS

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¡Vaaaaamos PNUD!, is the unmistakable war cry that anyone who has played, or gone to see, a match of the City of Knowledge Football League could never forget. It is the scream of Nacho, a player of the UNDP team that emerged champion in last year’s edition with his maradonian goal at the end of the match.

Ignacio Etcheverry (Nacho) has been working for UNDP for several years. First in Uruguay and since 2010 in Panama, for offices in all regions; mainly in finance, project management, systems and process improvement.

"My first participation in the City of Knowledge football tournament was in the 2011 season, in the following years our offices grew and with that our base of players, we started to form two teams that left us unforgettable moments. Our spirit was always: one UNDP, two teams. Have fun to compete and be competitive for fun, fortunately we managed to build a large human group and our work colleagues became friends when we played football, I think that was the key to our good results," says Nacho.

About their performance in the league last year, Nacho has it clear. "For the 2017 championship our performance was nothing better than regular, all the decisive matches we won were in penalties or with plenty of suffering. In the final, with practically no substitutions available, we had everything to lose, and that was precisely what gave us strength. Perhaps my cries of encouragement (it’s the least that I can contribute with my 41 years of age), helped generate in our team what people from Uruguay call the garra charrúa. We left our last drop of sweat that afternoon, under the great narration of Mendieta. The other team played a brilliant match, worthy of a final, we were tied and on the final minutes, I was lucky to find a ball in our area, reached the other goal and score the winning goal. It was an unforgettable afternoon", and adds "I must emphasize that there is an exemplary organization from the City of Knowledge and especially the responsible one: Cesar. Someday this cup should be called César Pérez."

Now we started a new year and a new league, probably with new players looking to achieve the glory of a select group. New games, emotions and vibrant experiences that unite our community in the celebration of the most famous sport on the planet. A new league that will have old memories that will never be forgotten, and old war cries that will resound once again on campus proclaiming the throne. Once again, we will listen to the ¡Vaaaaamos PNUD! of Nacho but we will know that for all our affiliated footballers it is a ¡Vaaaaamos City of Knowledge!