First cultural and creative entrepreneurship workshop

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The City of Knowledge Innovation Center and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) conducted the first workshop for entrepreneurs who are developing a cultural or creative project, thus helping to validate and improve their business model.

The workshop began with welcoming words by the Female Entrepreneurship Manager of the City of Knowledge Innovation Center, Larú Linares, who mentioned that for the CDS "it is a pleasure to support entrepreneurs of all kinds, in this case the ones who have cultural and creative projects, and improve the ecosystem where their projects are developed".

Meanwhile Richard Barathe, Team Leader of Regional Support Programs and Countries at the UNDP, stressed the commitment of the CDS to support the cultural sector of Panama. He stated that 1 in 5 projects supported by the UNDP are aimed at reducing the gap of inequality, and spoke about the importance of promoting the entrepreneurship spirit and creativity of cultural and creative Panamanian entrepreneurs.

The workshop's general theme consisted in entrepreneurship in the cultural and creative sectors, teams and validation of problems, needs of the entrepreneurs, and project opportunities; and it was given by Larú Linares and Juan Choy, from the City of Knowledge Innovation Center, and Gerardo Neugovsen, Executive Director of TIKAL Ideas and Academic Coordinator of TRAMA. The workshop aimed to characterize the peculiarities of cultural and creative entrepreneurship, self-assess alignment and commitment of the entrepreneurial team in its mission, and validate the problem, need and/or opportunity that the entrepreneurial team seeks to address with its project.

The first training workshop was offered to 39 projects, consisting of approximately 95 people, and was held at the City of Knowledge Convention Center. Other workshops will be held throughout December 2015 and January 2016.

The call, which was conducted between October 9 and November 19, aimed to promote entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation in the cultural and creative sectors of the economy. The entrepreneurships selected were the ones that managed to identify a business opportunity, and who had an early version or prototype of the product or service they want to offer.

The call was made by the City of Knowledge Foundation as part of the project TRAMA - Culture, Innovation and Creative Economy, with support from the United Nations Development Programme and funding from the Kingdom of Denmark.