Benefit Gala of the Panama Jazz Festival

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The City of Knowledge Athenaeum received the night of Wednesday, January 16, great exponents of music to celebrate the Benefit Gala of the Panama Jazz Festival. Among the guest artists were the multi-instrumentalist Gunhild Carling and the new project Danilo Pérez & Global Messengers.

The event began with a 'red carpet' with Panamanian personalities, international and local talents such as: Roten Sivan Trio, Making Movies, Iván Barrios, Idania Dowman, Berklee Global Jazz Institute, Gunhild Carling, Global Messengers and Master Danilo Pérez, in addition to special guests, diplomatic missions and government officials.

The expected act started with the presentation of the actress, dancer, commentator and multi-instrumentalist Gunhild Carling accompanied by Panamanian All Star, an ensemble formed by professors of the Danilo Pérez Foundation and advanced students of the musical creative program. They presented a fusion that aroused the emotions of the audience who showed their support with standing ovations and continuous applause.

The mayor of the city of Panama, José Blandón, made a special tribute to the Panama Jazz Festival honoree: Alex Blake Senior. "Thank you all and I appreciate the attention given and may God be with you," were the words by Blake Sr. upon receiving such an important recognition.

During the second part of the show, the stage received Danilo Pérez & Global Messengers, a new musical composition commissioned by the Mayor of Panama in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Foundation of the city of Panama, with artists from the United States, Palestine, Greece, Jordan and Panama.

"Danilo Pérez's Global Messengers advances in the mission of creating positive intercultural dialogues through music," said Artistic Director Danilo Pérez prior to the interpretation of their songs.