Proyección de "The Game, la película" y conversatorio

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Florida State University and Els Juwelnia Films Productions, Inc. invites you to the screening of "The Game," the film, under the production of script and co-directed by Julia Wilson Ortega, Panamanian producer, director and scriptwriter.

 El`s Juwelnia Films Productions, Inc. is a film production company based in the Republic of Panama, which seeks to produce and make international films based on stories, facts, events, adaptations, fictions, dramas, animations and more; Supporting all genres of film, but giving a human, social, historical, religious, spiritual and family approach to their proposals.

 The filmmaker Julia Wilson Ortega is the first Panamanian to participate as a filmmaker in a film in the United States.

 "The Game, the Movie," is a political drama, which shows what happens when ethics is nonexistent in politicians.

 Date: Friday, June 30, 2017.

 Time: 2:00 pm and post-movie talk

 Location: Florida State University, Room 302, Jacinto Palacios Cobos Street, Building 227.

 Free entrance.