Juntos en Esto - TECHO 2017 campaign release

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In TECHO we are excited to invite you to the release of our 2017 campaign: Juntos en Esto (We are All in This Together) and we would like you to be a part of it!

TECHO is a youth led, non-profit organization that seeks to overcome poverty in slums, through the joint work of families of the communities and young volunteers.

Join us this Tuesday, May 23rd at 11.00 a.m at Local 150 B, Ciudad del Saber, to the press conference release of our campaign: Juntos en Esto, where 9 panamanian artists will colaborate with us: Cienfue, Carlos Méndez, Lilo Sánchez e Iñaki Iriberri (Señor Loop), Annie Chajin, Pierre de Janon, Tomás Romero, Vicente Pérez and Alberto Weand;

Please RSVP: guadalupe.natareno@techo.org / info.panama@techo.org

We are All in This Together - you are the only one missing!