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PEACE CORPS seeks a mobile phone services provider

Posted on November 28, 2018 by Peace Corps.

Deadline for registration: December 4, 2018

Peace Corps Panama intends to offer a firm-fixed price contract for mobile phone services. Interested providers should submit a quote by December 4, 2018 to dmo@pa.peacecorps.gov

The reliability of mobile phone services is extremely important for the success of Peace Corps Panama operations, and the security of its volunteers and staff. We conduct operations in very remote areas of Panama and it is extremely important for Peace Corps to understand the capacity of the provider to service those areas and to respond swiftly to service problems and new needs.

Provider terms and prices offered in this RFQ must be valid for a minimum of 60 days after quote submission.

Any additional information or question regarding this ad may be addressed to the same email address above.

Service Description: Mobil service for 41 cellphones year-around and a couple of shot-term contract.

Minimum requirement: unlimited voice service within same corporate account; 500 minutes monthly plan, 4 GB LTE data monthly plan, and 50 SMS monthly plan.

Please include the extra usage charges: voice plan per second/minute, data plan per GB, SMS plan national and internationally.

Quotes will be measured by the following criteria: 1) service coverage throughout the country (% of Districts that provider has a signal), customer service account dedicated representative 24/7, user assignment update lapse, payment terms acceptance (30 days upon valid invoice acceptance.

Contract award may be made to other than the low price quote. The award will be made to the total quote that offers the best value in accordance with the above factors.