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Human Resources Intership - Panamá - SCI LAC Regional Office

Posted on February 3, 2016 by Save the Children

Duration: 3-6 months

Internship Objective

The Human Resources Intern will directly assist the Human Resources Department in the Regional Office and Country Offices with a wide range of projects related to HR compliance, recruiting, administrative processes, filing, and data quality. The internship is designed to be both educational and practical. The intern will learn how to take educational skills, and apply them in a professional setting. He or she will gain a better understanding of the role that Human Resources plays in a non-profit setting. The candidate will also have opportunities to network with other areas/department within the Regional Office


•Assist in the day to day administrative HR tasks (work letters, contracts)

•Data entry in HRIS (HR System)

•Assist in the recruitment and selection process (early stages, candidate filtering)

•Update to physical files


•Graduate or on final year of bachelor’s studies.

•Proficiency in the English and Spanish.

•Good command of Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and email

•Good use of technology

•Detail oriented



•Initiative for conflict resolution


Save the Children International Terms and Conditions

•The Organisation is committed to appoint a tutor for the intern. The tutor will be in charge of setting an educational working plan to ensure satisfactory and successful internship practices.

•SCI will provide the intern with the office resources necessary for his/her work.

•SCI states that the internship does not create an employment relationship with the interns during the internship period.

•By the end of the internship period, SCI will provide the intern with a certificate stating the internship program details.

•By the end of the internship, and aiming at improving future programs, both SCI and the intern will write an assessment.

•SCI does not offer any kind of payment for the volunteer period.

•Costs of food, accommodation and medical insurance will be borne by the intern or by the representing institution throughout the period.

•SCI will provide an allowance for local transportation.

•English and Spanish fluency is a requirement.

•During the internship period the intern will be bound to the SCI Confidentiality Agreement which states that after the end of the internship, directly or indirectly, you should not (except when performing your duties):

Use or disclose for your own benefit or for any other person, company, business organisation or any other organisation, confidential information related to or belonging to SCI including but not limited to any information related to its Members, donors, business plans or business operations, employee rolls, plans and financial information, research activities, computer systems or any document marked as “confidential” (or with any similar expression), or information which has been clearly stated as confidential or that may be reasonably deemed as confidential by SCI. During the time spent as an intern for SCI, you may not write any document related to any SCI management topic, business operations or agreements, which are not for the benefit of SCI.

All interested candidates please submit your CV and letter of interest by February 29, 2016 to recruitmentscilac@savethechildren.org